IRAN CARBON at a glance:

After studies on providing the industrial carbon black requirements for consumption in rubber & tire industries, it became clear that building establishment a carbon black plant factory in Iran is essential and economical. For this target, an agreement was made between NPC, MID bank and Cabot Corp. to build first carbon black plant.

CHRONICLE of Iran Carbon Co.


- 2017 ICC launched the development plan to expand production capacity up to 80000t/y
- Increasing the capacityof Pars industry black from 15000 to 35000 tons
- ncreasing the capacity of Sahand Tires from 7000 to 14000 tons
- Implementing Pasargad Carbon Plan with the capacity of 60000 tons through Gas Input
- Studying used tires recycling project
- Studying the creation of black carbon oil processing unit
Date of registry: 1972
Basic capital: 200 billion Rials
Nominal capital at the time of entering into stock market: 3 billion and 60 million Rials
Time of entrance in the stock market: 1994
Factory area: 130000 sq. m land area and 33000 sq. m building area
Date of coming into operation for unit 1: January 1974
Date of coming into operation for unit 2: January 1994
Nominal capacity for unit 1: planned 19000 tons, and can be reached up to practical 28000 tons
Nominal capacity for unit 2: planned 21000 tons, and can be reached up to practical 22000 tons
After studies on providing the industrial black requirements for consumption in rubber factories, it became clear that building a carbon factory in Iran is essential and economical. For this target, National Petrochemical Industries Company and Industries and Mines Development Bank signed a contract with one of the most famous companies producing industry black in the United Provinces named Cabot Corporation. Controlled by both Iranian engineers and an American company called Simon Carves construction operations started in Ahvaz, in 1972. After construction and installation of machineries in January 1974, operations started with the annual capacity of 14000 tons. ICC could attract domestic markets, mainly tire factories, early at the very time of production due to high quality of its products. With the fast development and improvement of tire factories it became necessary to develop carbon companies. In the year 1977, all the steps were made to increase the production from 14000 to 16000 tons per a year and purchase of machineries started. At the time of victory of Islamic Republic of Iran in February 1978 nearly 80% of the required items were supplied and the remaining were suspended because of the US sanctions. In the year 1982 with the effort of engineers and staff of ICC and with the cooperation of experts of National Petrochemical Industries Company the remaining parts were completed in Iran and the ideal development without the help of foreign experts were implemented and in mid 1982 continued its activities with the capacity of 19000 tons.
-Production and sales of different kinds of soft and hard carbon black based on ASTM-D1765 standard in 2000
-ICC Vision
ICC and its dependent companies are the biggest distributors of carbon black industry in the national market and have the second place for production capacity in the region. We are also active in tires and ribbons industries. Our group has 45 years of experience and with the use of international creditable companies technology produce a quality product that cause better solidity, continuity and operation of the products which are mainly used for daily ordinary consumption. These products include tires, rubber sheets, different ribbons and rubber products.
We are committed that with creating close relations with the customers and main users of our products, we are able to meet their satisfactions from the point of view of product specifications, quality, price and the career conditions. We believe that external and internal conditions require the change in current activities and we are to meet commitments to our stockholders according to the strategies of petrochemical industry investment company frameworks and with improving the competitive power and improving the operational efficiency. In addition improving the technical capacities of the staff, improving evolution seeking culture among them, improving efficiency of manpower and increasing the recreation facilities for the staff are among our goals. Following the legal standards we try to perform our role as a clean producer and protector of our environment and with participating in civil projects act out our social commitments toward related societies to our activities.

Technology & Products

Introduction on Products

Carbon black is a very important additive to the rubbers that supports ELASTOMERS to improve mechanical properties. Black is used for light protection, coloring, and increasing the transmission properties. Decreasing the used rubber amount and its price to achieve mechanical efficiency and increasing operational efficiency as resistance rubbing causes the cost saving.

Produced Blacks

It is noteworthy that this company has essential, technical and technological capability in producing other blacks according to the customers’ requirements, inquiries and the specifications of the factory equipments. In packing the products the company has the ability of meeting the customers requirements with the high-tech packing system. ICC `s product grades are : N220,N330,N339,N375,N550,N660


  1. Receiving the certificate award “the exemplary producer company in the province” from director general of industry in 1993.
  2. Production of industrial black according to ASTM standard the most authoritative international standard in production of industrial black.
  3. Establishment of 5S industrial sample in 1996.
  4. Establishment of environment management system and receiving the ISO 9002 certificate from TUV company in Germany year 1997.
  5. Establishment of environment management system and receiving the ISO 14001 certificate (as the first company received in Khoozestan) from QMI company in Canada 1997.

Quality Control

  1. All products are being quality controlled by ASTM standard methods and calibrated laboratory instruments to make ensure meet consumers requirement.



With producing different kinds of Carbon Blacks, which are consumed in tire industries and rubber parts, ICC is at the moment the main producer of them in Iran. ICC carries a significant role in the market by both direct production of 51000 tons of carbon annually and the ownership of Pars Doode Sanati Co. Industry Black that produces an additional 21000 tons. More than 92% of the product is consumed in tire industry and the rest in other industries.

Main Carbon Export Markets

  • Turkey
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Germany
  • South Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Iraq

Environment management

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